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Auxiliaries, ColeoStop® - Order card against against adult otiorhynchus


ColeoStop is a biological product composed of nematodes that supports the control of Meginem® Pro nematodes. It reduces egg-laying and frassing damage of the thick-mouthed weevil. By using ColeoStop, the number of these pests is successively reduced without affecting beneficial insects such as bees and earthworms, and the crop is not affected. ColeoStop can be used both outdoors and in pots.

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Growing instructions

Order card - how does it work? We will send you an order card (no live nematodes) As soon as you see the first otiorhynchus larvae in your garden, send the order card to Andermatt Biogarten (no shipping costs) Within a few days you will receive the nematode larvae by mail (no shipping costs)

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